myriam_BNMyriam López-Rodero is a Spanish architect with international projection. Born in Madrid she lived in several countries during her whole life. This has given her an open-mindedness to different ways of living and designing.


Her professional life has been developed mainly in Spain and in The Netherlands were she has worked at different offices opening her mind and broadening her design conceptions.


Since 2008 she has become an independent designer and has developed all types of architecture and design projects, collaborating with other colleagues and building professionals. The office has an open structure and is open to all kinds of collaboration that can enrich the design projects.


The firm is based in Amsterdam and Madrid, therefore it carries out projects in different countries, adapting to other cultures and building conditions. This is due to her personal and professional trajectory as well as the globalized conditions of modern culture.


The  office is open to all kinds of architectonic and design projects, in order to make the client reach a better way of living and help them fulfill their dreams.

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