FAÇADE CLADDING. Villadángos del Páramo

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Study for a aluminium facade cladding. 


Location / 
Polígono de Villadangos del Páramo. León

 / 2009

 / Coreal

 / Myriam López-Rodero, Javier Garcia-Rivera, Cristina Navas Perona and Espacio Papel

 / Elena Almagro


Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents and Construction Administration.


The aluminium facade is composed of lattice frameworks. The salts are painted on their inner surface and this color reflects on the exterior façade. The visitor first sees a glare of color and then, ones he is inside, sees directly the colored aluminium.

The lattice work allows the entry of light to the building, as well as it offers a good sun
protection to the offices.