House in Carré van Bloemendaal. Bloemendaal, The Netherlands


Location / Carré van Bloemendaal, The Netherlands

Year / 2020

Architects / Myriam López-Rodero

Surface / 210 m2

All design phases.


The project intervenes in a single family row house that a family bought to escape the business of their previous life in Amsterdam. The house is locate in a singular spot, an old hospital next to the dunes in Bloemendaal, rehabilitated to allocate 40 housing units. The houses, some new and some refurbished, are distributed within the boundaries of the old hospital and organised around a central courtyard (carré) that serves as a communal centerpiece for the families. 

The clients could buy the house free of its inner walls, just have it delivered in its bare raw structure, this gave us the freedom in the distribution of spaces to adapt better to the functional needs of the family, straying away from the traditional Dutch organisation.

On the ground level all public spaces are located; the dinning-room, the kitchen and the living-room in an open plan concept. Everything is connected and in direct contact with the outside garden.

On the first floor the children’s rooms are located connected through a common playroom. 

The second floor encompasses the private quarters of the parents, that have a spacious and open space where their bedroom, study and bathroom are located.