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Location / 
Moscow, Rusia

Year / 

 / in collaboration with KCAP, Kees Christiaanse Architects & Planners.

 / 77.170 m2. 617 apartments and 166 parking spots.


Schematic Design and Design Development.



The project is situated in the Fili district of Moscow, near the Shelepikhinsky most and north of the Bol’shaya Filyovskaya Ulitsa.

The site is part of an industrial area that will be transformed in a mixed residential and commercial neighborhood. The site currently serves as a parking lot and logistic centre. The plot is surrounded by a residential area on the west side; an industrial area on the east side; the foot of the Shelepikhinsky most on the south side; an energy plant on the northeast side and new commercial and residential buildings on the northwest side. Behind the foot of the Shelepikhinsky most, the tower of the Fili church is visible.

The plot has an irregular shape, a combination of a trapezoid and the shape of a snailhouse. It is 2,35 ha large and has an height difference of 2m between the northwestern corner and the southeastern corner.

Having a height restriction of 45 meters, the highest part contains 13 levels. The first floor houses commercial space and entrance lobbies of the hotelapartments. The higher levels consist of hotelapartments . An underground parking is situated under part of the commercial spaces and the landscape.

The building volumes are arranged around a spacious and well lit courtyard. This courtyard will act as an interior oasis in the large scale, vast and undefined urban context.

The exterior perimeter of the block is accessible by fire trucks and pedestrians. The courtyard is accessible for fire-trucks and pedestrians by two gates and two cuts in the volume. The northern side of the plot is designated as a logistic area serving the block and containing parking places. The underground parking is connected to the road network by an entrance on the southwestern side and the northside.

In order to be able to connect the courtyard well to the surrounding public space, the parking is completely underground and the roof will contains pedestrian paths and vegetation. Because of the high groundwaterlevel, the floor of the parking is 3.5m under the courtyardlevel.

The first floor contains commercial spaces with a floor to floor level of 4,5m. The entrance lobbies with the complementary spaces are spacious and well visible from the surroundings. The floors above contain hotelapartments with a floor to floor height of 3,3m and which are orientated either to the courtyard or the surroundings on the western, southern and eastern side.

The block is composed out of 7 compartments with their own lobby and core for vertical transport. Each compartments consist of 6 to 12 hotel apartments. The hotel apartment range from 45m2 1 room types to 120m2 4 room types. The variety of types is considered a virtue since it will also attract a variety of inhabitants and thus a lively environment.

In order to have an optimal insolation for the courtyard and in order to reduce the scale of the block, the roofcontour of the main body of the block meanders in height from 8 levels up to 12 levels. On top of this meandering roofline secondary volumes are placed which differ in height from 1 up to 3 levels.

The first to levels of the façade make the plinth of the main body. This plinth contains large glass surfaces framed by a natural stone cladding. In order to connect to the large scale of its surroundings, the block appears as a unity from the outside, having a main body of dark red brick. Different patterns of windows break the size from a more proximate distance. From the inside however, in order to connect to the more intimate scale of the courtyard, the façade consist of distinct colors of brick in distinct bonds and with distinct window patterns. The volumes on the upper levels are materialized to appear as lighter boxes.

Generally the block is attempting to fit in the large scale an industrial environment by creating a robust appearance from the exterior and create a high quality courtyard inside: an oasis in the refractory environment.