UKTUS BUILDING COMPLEX. Ekaterinburg, Rusia.

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Location / 
Ekaterinburg, Rusia

Year / 

 / in collaboration with KCAP, Kees Christiaanse Architects & Planners.

 / 47.500 m2. 737 apartments and 428  parking spots.


Schematic Design and Design Development.



The site in Ekaterinburg is locate din what will be a city district based on an European city. In contrast with other city areas dominated purely by single tall buildings standing freely in open spaces predominantly used by cars, Uktus will establish an european city model with blocks, boulevards, streets, parks and square with a mix of working, living , leisure and shopping into a new Russian city model for the 21st century.


The building blocks are further refined to contain a fine-grained mix of uses and that makes Uktus very different from the other major urban development Project in the city setting a new standard.


The two closed perimeter blocks will have a calm courtyard. This is a car free space, with gardens, playgrounds and meeting spaces where people can enjoy and relax from the busy city life. The blocks therefore are lively on the inside as well as the inside. The plinth will have a varied mix of retail and restaurant facilities.


The specificness of the topography is used to integrate the parking and storage in a smart and invisible ways.


The average height of the block is 8 floors, but specific landmark towers are introduces to create accents along the canyon and southern streets. This will create a distinct silhouette enhancing the urban experience.