FOREST, DUNE & WATER VILLAS. Noordwijkerduin

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 / In collaboration with ONIX architecten.

 / 78 villas x 155 m2


Schematic Design, Design Development and Construction Documents.


In a landscape of forests, dunes and open water near Noordwijkerduin (the Netherlands) Onix has created 78 villas, which benefit fully from and fuse perfectly with the surrounding landscape.

On all levels a beautifully designed living environment has been created for future residents to settle down in.

The design of the villas is based on the following principal concept: a two storey house with a square floor plan of 13x13m. Taking it from there, this basic design has been further developed by creating outdoor areas with nice views and spacious carports, giving the villas their transparent character.

There are two categories of villas, differing in the positioning of their outdoor areas and carports. For each site the best option is chosen depending on optimal sun orientation, view and privacy. The villas come in two subcategories: un- and semi-detached.

The specific landscape design subdivides the villas in three types, each matching their own landscape character: the forest villas, the dune villas and the water villas. For each type different kinds of materials were used. The forest villas consist of red brickwork with additional white coated brickwork for the outdoor areas. For the dune villas the opposite colour composition has been applied. The water villas are constructed using white coated brickwork combined with wood for the outdoor area sides. Thus creating a range of ensembles of related villas.

The villas have been spread out in courts over the area, forming micro living zones for the residents to meet each other. The setting of the courts in the landscape structures the visitor’s parking demands  and creates privacy. Each villa has its own internal parking space for two cars.

All villas have living spaces on the ground floor as well as on the first floor. These rooms are connected by open stairs. Both living spaces (ground floor and first floor) have an adjoining (garden) terrace. The views from the living areas are partly orientated on the (garden) terrace and partly on the landscape. Both terrace and garden terrace open up to the landscape.

The villas can be extended with optional plug-ins and cellars. Plug-ins are extensions to the outdoor areas like a patio, an outdoor fireplace or a pergola. These plug-ins are restricted to designated zones in this development area and give residents the opportunity to customize and adapt their villas according to their own personal taste.