SENIOR HOUSING. Palma de Mallorca. Competition

Location / Palma de Mallorca

Year / 2009

Architects / Myriam López-Rodero, Javier García-Rivera, Cristina Navas


Schematic Design (competition)


The building will be occupied by elderly people that will be treated with occupational therapy which is based on three different occupational areas: maintenance area, productive area and recreational area.

We propose a building that due to the flexibility and interaction of its spaces can be used for different kinds of therapies.

The building consists of three longitudinal strips. An exterior band of terraces, a inner strip of living units and a inner longitudinal band with courtyards, terraces and gangways. The living spaces consist of 15 housing units on the first, second and third floors, a common space for day activities on the fourth floor and a garden n the roof. The dwellings consist of a single flexible space with a small kitchenette, toilet and bedroom. They have double orientation, allowing cross ventilation and lighting.

The outside covering is made of cord lattices. These lattices are sliding and present different densities of hemp cord in order to adapt the lighting and privacy need of the users.