URBAN SPACE ‘MADE IN CHALK’. Madrid. Competition


Competition for the proposal of temporary interventions in empty plots within the city. Promoted by ‘La Casa Encendida’.


Location / Calle Fuencarral. Madrid

Year / 2009

 / La 
Casa Encendida

Architects / Myriam López-Rodero, Javier Garcia-Rivera
Cristina Navas


‘Made in chalk’ proposes to treat the limits of the plot and transform them into a phisical support for the urban expression within the public space.

A surface where the pedestrian can write and draw. The space transforms itslef into a giant blackboard. It is a place  aimed to promote ‘non vandalic’ street art, coordinating a real and spontaneous impulse latent in the city, highlighting and developing all its potential. Moreover integrating groups that are untill now foreign to this artistic movement. This space wants to be a support for expression to the passer-by who wants to use it or live it.