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 / In collaboration with ONIX architecten.

 / 6000 m2


Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents and Construction Administration.


Façade and Landscape:

Issuing from the paving of the forecourt, a landscape is formed in the entrance hall. This landscape ascends to the first floor where it penetrates the lecture hall and becomes the lining of this theatre. The floors are framed steps on the hollow-core slab floor. The front behind the speaker obstructs any direct incidence of light, while the ceiling ensures good acoustic quality, emphasizing the excellent functional allure of the hall.

The entire façade of the building consists of polycarbonate with heatblock. Appropriate texts will be displayed on the façade. The perpendicular walls of the building will be implemented in orange. The rear of the polycarbonate façade will contain incisions to accommodate the emergency exits, while the front façade will be distinguished by the fact that the coating of the lecture hall will consist of double-walled orange polycarbonate. This will mean that a subtle orange glow will be visible from outside.

Although little light will enter from the outside, there is nevertheless a relationship with the external world. In the evenings the building will illuminate the entrance to the Zernike grounds like a lantern.