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Localization / Sansana, Lobi region. Burkina Faso

Year / 

Architects / 
Myriam López-Rodero, Javier Garcia-Rivera
, Cristina Navas Perona

Schematic Design, Design Development and Construction Documents.

In collaboration with the ‘ESCUELA SANSANA ASOTIATION’, a private NGO, plural and independent, without a political or religious affiliation.

The asotiation develops at the moment all her interventions in Sansan, a small village located in the South-east región of Burkina Faso, near the Ghana and Ivory Coast. WIth a a subsistence agricultural economy and severe food, health and education shortages.

The project consists of building a new primary school with five classrooms and housing for the teachers. The whole construction was carried out with local hand labor and with a close collaboration with the community it was going to serve.

All the materials used in the building are of local origin, like the laterite stone used in the brickwork. In the design a good ventilation and lighting were of key importantce.

The intervention in the plot was completed with the building of a vegetable garden and a water well in order to give the children a propper diet.