CHILDREN’S DUTCH BEDSTEAD. Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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Location / 
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Year / 

 / Myriam López-Rodero

 / 10 m2

All design phases.


The clients wanted to renovate their children’s room in a playful manner, while trying to give their children (a boy and a girl) their own private space to sleep and play.

The inspiration idea came from the traditional Dutch beds, that where enclosed closets embedded in the walls of the living-room, to provide privacy and warmth. The house dates from the XVIII century and this is a wink and a link to the historical past of the house and the Dutch culture.

With this idea in mind 2 bedsteads where projected in parallel, one for the boy and one for the girl, creating an isolated sleeping area for each one of them with windows for view and ventilation. Under the elevated beds there is room for closets for their clothes and a ‘hidden’ playarea under each one, where they can keep their treasures and play on their own.

All these elements create a playful colorful ‘double’ wall that leaves the rest of the room free from elements allowing and duplicating the surface of the room for the children to play in.